Friday, June 12, 2009

Karate Kid + Book Sale



Besides of celebrating Philippines Independence Day, it's actors Courteney Cox Arquette and David Arquette wedding anniversary. Watch any of their movie, Scream!

**Cute factoid: Courtney and David met during the filming of the first movie, fell in love during the second, and got married while making the third!

Hi again! This is just a late post about what had happened 2 days ago. Food Trip and Book Sale.
(Another main character in my blogs, if you can notice, was my BF. Can I refer him as GG?^_^)

June 11. 5am.

Gotta get up early. My GG asked me if I can go with him at Ospital Ng Cabuyao (ONC) to have his laboratory tests taken. At 5:30 am, I already left the house. I’m in a hurry so I taught of riding a tricycle. Unfortunately, there’s none so I decided to go for a walk instead. After all it’s a good exercise and I can’t even remember when was the last time I do some exercise. While walking, I’m so amazed with the stunning beauty of the sunrise. It’s like a baby who just been born, slowly turning his head up high upon her mother’s womb. So what I did was to take a picture of that sunrise. Too bad I don't have in my hand a good cam so you guys can see it clearly. I'm walking fast while taking this picture. I don't want anybody to see me taking pictures nor my cellphone.

Even if I'm still sleepy and wants to go back to bed, this is a good thing to see. I hope you won't miss this kind of opportunity, no matter how busy you are. Have a few moments of your time and take a look at the sky.

For me, waking up early is not really a load of crap since every time I leave elbi ( Los Baños), I have on my way a very fascinating scenery that would make you feel comfy: green trees, the Mt. Makiling, cute little pony in Doña Jovita, exquisitely clouds roaming above and please also include fresh air (not-so fresh air I guess. I only said that because there are only few public vehicles here with thick black smoke)

PASS FORWARD. Dinner @ Karate Kid SM Sta. Rosa

Before anything else, we have to fill our stomach first. GG choose to eat at Karate kid. Cheap price yet so yummy.

Sizzling Tofu Steak (good for 2)

Tempura (4pcs.)

*These are what it looks like as the food was served.

Iced tea


Yeah! You've heard it right! Unlimited rice and iced tea. If you’re on a low- budget and should not spend too much, this is the place you want to be.

The food may not be the best but it’s still worth trying for and yet the price is so convenient.

Talking about the crew: They’re so approachable , serving us with a smile. If you want more iced tea or rice, don’t hesitate to call on them.

Sizzling Tofu Steak: Sometimes they serve too much that is good for 3 or 4 persons. And I love it. We still have something to take home. But this time, they serve just enough for the two of us. (Sounds like cost-cutting)

Tempura: Crispy and tasty. This is better than Eatsumo @ LB Square, so far!

Iced Tea: Make sure you drink this cold. I guess blended ice tea of Iceberg @ Pavillion Mall is much better than this.

After the food trip, we went to the BOOK SALE. Grab a book and magazines.

Blueprints Q&A Step 2 Pediatrics 2nd Edition
by Jeffrey L. Foti and Janice P. Piatt
PHP95 (~USD 2)

I'm going again tomorrow to buy another books. I saw books for children and I want some of them. Makes me feel younger again. LOL!

Bye for now. How about you guys? When was the last time you grab a children book? Want to have some? Believe me. It's one way to reduce your stress ^_^

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