Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Can A Guy Get Pregnant? by Bill Sones and Rich Sones

About two weeks ago, me and my boyfriend (GG) go to the mall hoping to find the reviewer I've been lemming. Unfortunately, it was gone! I am so depressed. That book was so cheap and yet it was so perfect :( so what I did was to look for other books and this catches my attention.

Can A Guy Get Pregnant? by Bill Sones and Rich Sones

PHP 115 (~USD 2.38) @ SM Sta. Rosa Book Sale

I show this to GG and he was like so shocked when he first saw this, saying this was so cool so he bought this at once(for him and not for me!LOL!). When I saw this, I remember my clinical instructor back in college. She was discussing and then suddenly the topic goes on male pregnancy. She said like it was some kind of a joke and I think half of the class agree with her and also laughs. That's when I butt in and I said while raising my hand, that I read in wikipedia that this can be possible. All of them looked at me. I don't know what they're thinking but I just know one thing ("ayan! nagmamagaling ka na naman!" that's what they're saying!). I just want to share a little tidbits and not because nagmamagaling ako! Before I read the notes from wikipedia me, myself too was so shocked. Everytime I learn something new, I always share this to everyone. I tend to share and not to show off. There's a difference. (maybe this is what they hate about me!) Nuff of another Dramatic Babe! LOL!

What's good about this book? Well, remember when you were just a little girl and so curious about how everything works? You're so eager to find the answer. And gues what? I already found the Book of Answers! Haha! This is a scientific answers to everyday questions and not so everyday. I'll give you an example: Do dogs watch TV? Can a body live without a head and vice versa? Do blind people see in their dreams? Funny, huh?

This kind of book is what I really love. Reading this funny book won't even make you realize that you're already learning something.

Hope you guys spare a little time to relax by reading books, a real books and not Ebook. ^_^


Lola Lakely said...

Welcome! I just found you on 20sb. I've actually read that book and I liked it.

mitch said...

@ Lola Lakely, Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, this book is so cool ^_^

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

wow interesting title!! thanks for commenting!! :D

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