Saturday, May 23, 2009

Not even a single word from SIA

I really can't find the courage and strength to open my reviewer books from Sia. In other words, tinatamad ako! Kung tutuusin nasa akin na ang (halos) lahat ng mga materials na tutulong sa akin sa pagreview for my board exam, including medicine books, Q&A books with answer sheets, at ang pinakatretreasure ko: ang sandamakmak kong ebooks (na halos 5gb)na medyo mahirap hanapin sa internet unless marunong ka talaga.

Naiinis na nga ako sa katamarang pinaiiral ko. Puro na lang ako laro, internet at gala. Wawa naman utak ko wala ng laman kundi si Mario, friendster, multiply, make up at pagkain. Pumunta na nga ko kanina dun sa friend ko para itanong kung desidido talaga silang sa October na kumuha ng board. Nagulat pa ako nung sinabe nyang OO. Patay! Mukhang ako pa lang talaga ang walang gana mag-review. Well, sana may bumatok sa akin para umpisahan ko ng magreview. Matagal ding napabakante utak ko kaya hirap na kong magmemorize. Dala na din siguro ng alak at puyat! Nyahahahaha!

Try kong umpisahan bukas ang pagrereview. Try lang. hehe ^_____^

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My very own surprise gift for MYSELF!!

Hi everyone. It's been a while since I drop here at my site. I've been busy during my graduation day and the celebration part-thing. Though I am not yet finished celebrating. LOL! But since I already got here, I just want to show you my FIRST lovely goodies which I bought online. Window shopping online is one of my addiction. Surfing over and over again thru internet though I know I can't afford to buy some of them but still no one can stop me.

Until I found this site. What catches my eyes are those personalized charms bracelet, earrings, cellphone keychain, etc. I've been looking for a personalized earring or bracelet something like a nursing cap or a red cross keychain since I taught I deserve a graduation gift plus something that would serve as an inspiration and a reminder as well to do not stop reaching my dreams (hehe! Emote!)

After a long search of my very own gift for myself that is something nice yet affordable ... voila! Here it is my new charms from sis Maquile of Frangelie.

I am soooh surprised by my own surprise gifts (haha! confused?!). I never taught I can give myself such a
wonderful gifts.

(Click for a larger view)
1 pair of R.N. earrings, 1 BP app keychain, 1 tandem keychain ( 1 stethoscope with my name printed on it and a R.N. cap)and 1 charm bracelet

(Click for a larger view)
Wearing those precious charms...SMILE!!! together with my baby Marjorie!

Again..closer look!

Whew! At last, baby Marjorie look into the camera!
P.S: Her dress is c/o of Mommy Kay (Thanks mommy!!)

**Before I go, I would like to give credits to sis Maquile of Frangelie for a smooth business transaction. She was blessed with a very talented hands to create and mold such a wonderful piece of art. Very approachable. Just dropped her a message or a request of what charms you desire.

That's it for tonight! 'Till my next surprise to myself... hmmm??? Can't wait! LOLZ!

Though I know that I am not a photogenic and nothing of the pictures above seems to be interesting, I won't allow anyone to take those pics without my consent. Don't even think about it (magagalit si Bro!! hehe!) Thanks for being a good boys and girls ^___^

**Everything written in here is according to my own point of view. Peace ^___^ V

Please do not grab any images in this site without the consent of the owner. Thanks ^_^


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