Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My very own surprise gift for MYSELF!!

Hi everyone. It's been a while since I drop here at my site. I've been busy during my graduation day and the celebration part-thing. Though I am not yet finished celebrating. LOL! But since I already got here, I just want to show you my FIRST lovely goodies which I bought online. Window shopping online is one of my addiction. Surfing over and over again thru internet though I know I can't afford to buy some of them but still no one can stop me.

Until I found this site. What catches my eyes are those personalized charms bracelet, earrings, cellphone keychain, etc. I've been looking for a personalized earring or bracelet something like a nursing cap or a red cross keychain since I taught I deserve a graduation gift plus something that would serve as an inspiration and a reminder as well to do not stop reaching my dreams (hehe! Emote!)

After a long search of my very own gift for myself that is something nice yet affordable ... voila! Here it is my new charms from sis Maquile of Frangelie.

I am soooh surprised by my own surprise gifts (haha! confused?!). I never taught I can give myself such a
wonderful gifts.

(Click for a larger view)
1 pair of R.N. earrings, 1 BP app keychain, 1 tandem keychain ( 1 stethoscope with my name printed on it and a R.N. cap)and 1 charm bracelet

(Click for a larger view)
Wearing those precious charms...SMILE!!! together with my baby Marjorie!

Again..closer look!

Whew! At last, baby Marjorie look into the camera!
P.S: Her dress is c/o of Mommy Kay (Thanks mommy!!)

**Before I go, I would like to give credits to sis Maquile of Frangelie for a smooth business transaction. She was blessed with a very talented hands to create and mold such a wonderful piece of art. Very approachable. Just dropped her a message or a request of what charms you desire.

That's it for tonight! 'Till my next surprise to myself... hmmm??? Can't wait! LOLZ!

Though I know that I am not a photogenic and nothing of the pictures above seems to be interesting, I won't allow anyone to take those pics without my consent. Don't even think about it (magagalit si Bro!! hehe!) Thanks for being a good boys and girls ^___^

**Everything written in here is according to my own point of view. Peace ^___^ V

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