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Ten Principles for Peace of Mind

Ten Principles for Peace of Mind
1. Do Not Interfere In Others' Business Unless Asked.

Most of us create our own problems by interfering too often in others' affairs. We do so because somehow we have convinced ourselves that our way is the best way, our logic is the perfect logic and those who do not conform to our thinking must be criticized and steered to the right direction, our direction. This thinking denies the existence of individuality and consequently the existence of God. God has created each one of us in a unique way. No two human beings can think or act in exactly the same way. All men or women act the way they do because God within them prompts them that way. There is God to look after everything. Why are you bothered? Mind your own business and you will keep your peace.
2. Forgive And Forget.

This is the most powerful aid to peace of mind. We often develop ill feelings inside our heart for the person who insults us or harms us. We nurture grievances. This in turn results in loss of sleep, development of stomach ulcers, and high blood pressure. This insult or injury was done once, but nourishing of grievance goes on forever by constantly remembering it. Get over this bad habit. Believe in the justice of God and the doctrine of destiny. Let Him judge the act of the one who insulted you. Life is too short to waste in such trifles. Forgive, Forget, and march on. Love flourishes in giving and forgiving.

3. Do Not Crave For Recognition.

This world is full of selfish people. They seldom praise anybody without selfish motives. They may praise you today because you are in power, but no sooner than you are powerless, they will forget your achievement and will start finding faults in you. Why do you wish to kill yourself in striving for their recognition? Their recognition is not worth the aggravation. Do your duties ethically and sincerely and leave the rest to God.
4. Do Not Be Jealous.

We all have experienced how jealousy can disturb our peace of mind. You know that you work harder than your colleagues in the office, but sometimes they get promotions; you do not. You started a business several years ago, but you are not as successful as your neighbor whose business is only one year old. There are several examples like these in everyday life. Should you be jealous? No. Remember everybody's life is shaped by his/her destiny, which has now become his/her reality. If you are destined to be rich, nothing in the world can stop you. If you are not so destined, no one can help you either. Nothing will be gained by blaming others for your misfortune. Jealousy will not get you anywhere; it will only take away your peace of mind.

5. Change Yourself According To The Environment.

If you try to change the environment single-handedly, the chances are you will fail. Instead, change yourself to suit your environment. As you do this, even the environment, which has been unfriendly to you, will mysteriously change and seem congenial and harmonious.
6. Endure What Cannot Be Cured.

This is the best way to turn a disadvantage into an advantage. Every day we face numerous inconveniences, ailments, irritations, and accidents that are beyond our control. If we cannot control them or change them, we must learn to put up with these things. We must learn to endure them cheerfully thinking, "God wills it so, so be it." God's plan is beyond our comprehension. Believe in it and you will gain in terms of patience, inner strength and will power.

7. Do Not Bite Off More Than You Can Chew.

This maximum needs to be remembered constantly. We often tend to take more responsibilities than we are capable of carrying out. This is done to satisfy our ego. Know your limitations. Why take on additional loads that may create more worries? You cannot gain peace of mind by expanding your external activities. Reduce your material engagements and spend time in prayer, introspection and meditation. This will reduce those thoughts in your mind that make you restless. Uncluttered mind will produce greater peace of mind.
8. Meditate Regularly.

Meditation calms the mind and gets rid of disturbing thoughts. This is the highest state of peace of mind. Try and experience it yourself. If you meditate earnestly for half an hour everyday, your mind will tend to become peaceful during the remaining twenty-three and half-hours. Your mind will not be easily disturbed as it was before. You would benefit by gradually increasing the period of daily meditation. You may think that this will interfere with your daily work. On the contrary, this will increase your efficiency and you will be able to produce better results in less time.
9. Never Leave The Mind Vacant.

An empty mind is the devil's workshop. All evil actions start in the vacant mind. Keep your mind occupied in something positive, something worthwhile. Actively follow a hobby. Do something that holds your interest. You must decide what you value more: money or peace of mind. Your hobby, like social work or religious work, may not always earn you more money, but you will have a sense of fulfillment and achievement. Even when you are resting physically, occupy yourself in healthy reading or mental chanting of God's name.

10. Do Not Procrastinate And Never Regret.

Do not waste time in protracted wondering " Should I or shouldn't I?" Days, weeks, months, and years may be wasted in that futile mental debating. You can never plan enough because you can never anticipate all future happenings. Always remember, God has His own plan, too for you. Value your time and do the things that need to be done. It does not matter if you fail the first time. You can learn from your mistakes and succeed the next time. Sitting back and worrying will lead to nothing. Learn from your mistakes, but do not brood over the past. DO NOT REGRET. Whatever happened was destined to happen only that way. Take it as the Will of God. You do not have the power to alter the course of God's Will. Why cry over spilt milk?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Loco Roco 2: Lost at Kelapton 2

Kelapton 2: What's next?

When I got here, if I'm not mistaken, I should have 11 or 12 Loco Rocos and already found the 2 Muimuis. Unfortunately togeccho (a thorn that comes to life) hit me so I only got nothing left but I still manage to take a picture so can you please help me where to go next? Or Can you give me a hint on how to avoid these things? Thanks..

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Loco Roco 2- Franzea 1 Walkthrough with pictures

Franzea 1

What a beautiful flower garden! Olmee the mouse came here to live. Where could he be sleeping?

~Item insect: Cheranka Tree, Kukuli Stone, Garonga Stone, Monamona Petal and also Gigi Honey if you kill the Gigi when he turns red and right before he attacks you.

~~If you finished it with complete flowers, you'll be awarded by Muimui with Capla Tapla Seed or Monamona Petal

*** Items that you will get is random.

I provided you pictures to make it easy for you to find the hidden flowers and Muimui. Hope my walkthrough helps.

As you pass by those big flowers, you can colle
ct musical notes. Collect as many notes as you can to have a surprising rewards from Muimui. First 100 notes, it would be easier for you to collect pickories. 200 notes and Muimui will give you a map on that stage. 300 notes, the thorns won't hurt you if you only hit them a bit. 400 notes and so on, an item insect will appear.

The first Muimui is in this place...

The first time you play this stage, you will see black clouds or a muck, produced by the mojas's singing, covering these big flowers that make them wilt. All you have to do is to jump over that muck to cleanse it and restore their health. Don't be afraid, they won't hurt you! After doing that, an item insect will appear.

Press O button once to separate Loco Rocos. Let them fall below the vines, as the picture shows.

Glide your Loco Roco to the left and a flower will grow.
Then go to the left...(As the picture below shows)

I think this is the place where the second Muimui will appear. And oh, see that thing above? Jump on it then press L and R as fast as you can alternately and an ITEM INSECT will appear. But you will only be able to do that if Muimui already teach you.

Just stay for a while. Then try pressing O button with proper timing and lots of musical notes will come out. The number 5 indicates that you need to have 5 Loco Rocos. And of course, it depends on different stages.

Glide Loco Roco to the left while riding in that white flower thing so you can get the hidden flower. Coz if you don't, you won't be able to get back again to that place no matter how high Loco Roco jumps.

At first the flower you can see to the right is not yet visible, unless you've touched it, then it will grow gradually. Kill the Moja and another flower will appear to the left of the humming Nyokki (the pink tall thing).

Don't forget to go on the flower to the left side and jump again to the right side (as the picture below shows).

You will find the third Muimui above.....

Stay for a while and try to roll in the cavity.

Another hidden flowers...again, try to roll in the cavity.

Have fun playing this game. Thanks for your time reading this blog.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Loco Roco 2

Loco Roco has now returned with all new characters and fun adventures. A much more improved Muimui house, stamp card, special 3D movies, mini games and more. You will never be bored playing this game for it would always have NEW surprises as you go through different stages. I am deeply impressed with the contributors of this game. You really should be praise for all your hardwork.

First, let me introduce to you our cute yet tough heroes. By the way, I made the picture below. There's a mini game called LO
CO STAMP where you can collect stamps and mark it in a corresponded stamp sheet. And here's one of my piece of art:

The yellow loco roco is Kulche, an energetic youngster, whose a bit timid but quite adventurous. Viole (violet loco roco which I guess that's why she's called viole) is a confident tomboy, tough and isn't scared of anyone, not even Mojas. Budzi (black loco roco) is also known as loose cannon. He loves to hum and hum but can really lose his temper too and usually having lots of fun in picking fights. Pekeron (the red exuberant geek) can fast- talk his way out of all sorts of trouble. Chavez (the green cool speed freak) acts cool and aloof, but gives his all when it really matters. Piffy (the pink loco roco). She's a style princess who always bright and cheerful but a little clumsy too. Tupley (the blue voracious fella) loves to chill, but will leap at anything edible. And here goes... Muimui who loves singing and dancing.

I'm planning to make a walkthrough for this game if I have time. Why won't you try to play this game too? You would really adore this game. ^_^

Please do not grab any images in this site without the consent of the owner. Thanks ^_^


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