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Loco Roco 2- Franzea 1 Walkthrough with pictures

Franzea 1

What a beautiful flower garden! Olmee the mouse came here to live. Where could he be sleeping?

~Item insect: Cheranka Tree, Kukuli Stone, Garonga Stone, Monamona Petal and also Gigi Honey if you kill the Gigi when he turns red and right before he attacks you.

~~If you finished it with complete flowers, you'll be awarded by Muimui with Capla Tapla Seed or Monamona Petal

*** Items that you will get is random.

I provided you pictures to make it easy for you to find the hidden flowers and Muimui. Hope my walkthrough helps.

As you pass by those big flowers, you can colle
ct musical notes. Collect as many notes as you can to have a surprising rewards from Muimui. First 100 notes, it would be easier for you to collect pickories. 200 notes and Muimui will give you a map on that stage. 300 notes, the thorns won't hurt you if you only hit them a bit. 400 notes and so on, an item insect will appear.

The first Muimui is in this place...

The first time you play this stage, you will see black clouds or a muck, produced by the mojas's singing, covering these big flowers that make them wilt. All you have to do is to jump over that muck to cleanse it and restore their health. Don't be afraid, they won't hurt you! After doing that, an item insect will appear.

Press O button once to separate Loco Rocos. Let them fall below the vines, as the picture shows.

Glide your Loco Roco to the left and a flower will grow.
Then go to the left...(As the picture below shows)

I think this is the place where the second Muimui will appear. And oh, see that thing above? Jump on it then press L and R as fast as you can alternately and an ITEM INSECT will appear. But you will only be able to do that if Muimui already teach you.

Just stay for a while. Then try pressing O button with proper timing and lots of musical notes will come out. The number 5 indicates that you need to have 5 Loco Rocos. And of course, it depends on different stages.

Glide Loco Roco to the left while riding in that white flower thing so you can get the hidden flower. Coz if you don't, you won't be able to get back again to that place no matter how high Loco Roco jumps.

At first the flower you can see to the right is not yet visible, unless you've touched it, then it will grow gradually. Kill the Moja and another flower will appear to the left of the humming Nyokki (the pink tall thing).

Don't forget to go on the flower to the left side and jump again to the right side (as the picture below shows).

You will find the third Muimui above.....

Stay for a while and try to roll in the cavity.

Another hidden flowers...again, try to roll in the cavity.

Have fun playing this game. Thanks for your time reading this blog.

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