Thursday, January 1, 2009

Loco Roco 2

Loco Roco has now returned with all new characters and fun adventures. A much more improved Muimui house, stamp card, special 3D movies, mini games and more. You will never be bored playing this game for it would always have NEW surprises as you go through different stages. I am deeply impressed with the contributors of this game. You really should be praise for all your hardwork.

First, let me introduce to you our cute yet tough heroes. By the way, I made the picture below. There's a mini game called LO
CO STAMP where you can collect stamps and mark it in a corresponded stamp sheet. And here's one of my piece of art:

The yellow loco roco is Kulche, an energetic youngster, whose a bit timid but quite adventurous. Viole (violet loco roco which I guess that's why she's called viole) is a confident tomboy, tough and isn't scared of anyone, not even Mojas. Budzi (black loco roco) is also known as loose cannon. He loves to hum and hum but can really lose his temper too and usually having lots of fun in picking fights. Pekeron (the red exuberant geek) can fast- talk his way out of all sorts of trouble. Chavez (the green cool speed freak) acts cool and aloof, but gives his all when it really matters. Piffy (the pink loco roco). She's a style princess who always bright and cheerful but a little clumsy too. Tupley (the blue voracious fella) loves to chill, but will leap at anything edible. And here goes... Muimui who loves singing and dancing.

I'm planning to make a walkthrough for this game if I have time. Why won't you try to play this game too? You would really adore this game. ^_^


Anonymous said...

How do you get the mui mui to teach you new skills?

nvr_dare_me said...

Muimui king will teach you new skills one at a time as you go through a certain place of a stage. (Sorry I can't remember the specific place where you can find Muimui king)

Just follow the story and if you already have learned that special skills then you can return to earlier stages and do that move.

Hope it helps..thanks for visiting my site ^_^

Please do not grab any images in this site without the consent of the owner. Thanks ^_^


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