Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy National Pink Day!

*picture taken from Cafe Press

Hi, everyone! So what's with June 23? Hmmm... Nothing special^_^ it's just the National Pink Day!!

It's easy to participate. Why not wear something pink in honor of National Pink Day? Bring out those pink stuff hiding into your closet. Take a picture of your cat in pink. Bake your yummy pink cake. Paint the clouds pink. Blahblahblah! There's a lot of ways to celebrate National Pink Day. Use your imagination. Create something new, something fabulous, something pink!

Why won't you come with me? Let's celebrate this cool holiday together and have some freakin' pinky fun! ^_^

*Pictures taken using my Nintendo DSi camera*

Pink hair for the pink day. ^^

And here's my twin sister..LOL! Just kidding! Another mirror effect of Nintendo DSi

I guess you've just seen my face. That only means I have to kill you. You already know too much about me. Haha! Just kidding! I'll never do that to my lovely readers. Oops! I guess I have to change my name. I am not so Mitcherious anymore. LOL!

for the pink chocolaty treats... Meiji Apollo

(I really don't know what this is called 'coz I can't read Japanese. All I know is this yummy Mt. Fuji like chocolate with a strawberry filled on top makes my world go crazy pink tonight. yay!)

PSP 2000 Slim n Lite

I always bring this during duty days (even if we're not allowed^_^),play games so I won't be bored until it's my turn to go on the DR and handle patients. But most of the time I used this as an ebook reader. This is where I put all my reviewers and study them.

Every teen girl's little pink book on what to we
ar by Cathy Bartel

For my spiritual and emotional guide, I bring this pink book with me wherever I go. I've always hurt by people who misjudged me and talk behind my back so I needed something to boost my confidence (ooh! Dramatic babe! LOL!)

Other pink stuff hiding in my closet: Pink glass rose given by my grandma as my 6th grade graduation gift, Pink bunny ears from my BF and Pink Masquerade.

Ooh! Look who's joining us to paaarty! It's Mandy and Patrick. Wow! see those cute pink shirt that Mandy's wearing? I bet that's one of Mandy's fave!(too bad I never captured her with a smile.. Errr! No one did? LOL!) Looks like Patrick's really enjoying the party, huh?!

Well, since we have Mandy here, why don't we call on our Pokemon friend... (curtains open, audience clapping)

(one of my favorite Pokemon!)

So now before she sings and put us all to deep sleep,lemme introduce to you our long lost friendly neighborhood from the Planet Mojamoja:


This is Mojari, Mojacko's sister

I hope you still remember this cute sweet Mojari and other Mojacko staff. They are very popular during early '90s here in the Philippines. I love to hug those soft puffy hair! LOL!

Oops! I almost forgot! PINK PANTHER

Hmm. I never gonna let this party ends without you seeing me on my makeup, even if I don't have in here good lighting nor a high quality cam. I'll provide you a good picture as long as I can. And here it is:

This is my first time ^_^ I'm not a pro so please bare with me. LOL!

It's not all-pink makeup though. There's a little bit of purple. Why not? Maybe there would be a purple holiday too. We may never know. LOL!

Products I used


Foundation: Maybelline Angelfit Liquid Foundation
Powder: Maybelline Angelfit Ultra Natural Affinity Foundation in Natural Ochre

Blush: MAC Emanuel Ungaro Cream Colour Base in Crushed Bougainvillea
Highlighter: MAC Mineralized SkinFinish refined


TBS Hot Brights Eye Color in Violet Sunset
MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo- Brightside/ Gallery Gal (I only used the champagne color)

Eyeliner: Nichido Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Maybelline Volum Express Waterproof Mascara in Black
TBS Divide and Multiply Mascara


Lip liner: Fashion 21
Lipstick: TBS Roseflower Lips in Shade 01 Soft Pink
Lip gloss: TBS Hi- Shine Lip Treatment


Hope you enjoy my little celebration with National Pink Day. How about you, guys? It's not too late to have some cool rockin' pink day celebration.


How Pink (R&B Artist) got her nickname? When she was seven, a boy at camp pulled down her pants in front of everyone! The singer blushed like crazy, thereby earning her the nickname PINK. Now that name sells tons of record!

Have you been in an embarrassing situation lately? Why not take a tip from Pink and see if you can put a positive spin on it?


Why won't you have your own National Pink Day celebration in your house but be sure we are all invinted. LOL! ^_^


Andhari said...

pink days are awesome :) Those are seriously cute items you have there.

Michelle said...

This is such a cute post! I love pink!

mitch said...

Thanks girls for loving my post. ^_^

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