Monday, June 29, 2009

Iblo-blog ko yan!

This past few days, I'm not paying too much attention with my lovely makeup. I've been busy joining contest, playing Plants vs Zombies and trying to be a fashion stylist by playing Fashion Designer: High Fashion in NDSi. But it's not even a big deal. During college days, I've been wearing makeup almost everyday. I just want my skin to take a rest. I still believe that too much makeup can age your skin.

When my friend text me to come over her house to celebrate her birthday, I'm so excited to play again with my lovelies. I think it's almost 2 weeks since I put anything on.

It's hard to get a perfect image since I'm not staying in my own house. I'm only using the camera of my Nintendo DSi. But I've provided you an eye diagram just so you know what color I've used and where I put it on.

Due to too much excitement, I can't decide what to use: TBS Hot Brights Eye Color in Violet Sunset (Purple/Pink) or the MAC Eyeshadow Bright Side Gallery Gal in Green/Champagne.

I've learned from my GG that if you can't decide what to choose then choose both. LOL! This is just for THINGS like foods, clothings, etc. I don't use this rule in boys. I hope so! LOL! So I use both. Haha! Don't worry the result was not bad at all.

This is my first time to put a step by step guide on how I apply my makeup. I'm not a PRO but I hope you can understand my quick guide and learn from this.

EYE MAKEUP DIAGRAM: image source


I use the green shade of MAC Eyeshadow Bright Side Gallery Gal as my base eyeshadow (from inner to outer lid).


I apply the violet shade of TBS Hot Brights Eye Color in the outer lid and outer crease corner of my eyes. Imagine you're drawing a V-shape in your eyes. It's like creating a smokey eyeshadow. Blend it well with the green shade.


Just above the crease, I put TBS Hot Brights Eye Color in pink. Again, blend it well.

Step 4:

As for my highlighter, I use TBS Rose Flower Eyes in Sunshine Gold. To make my eyes pop, I also apply it in the inner corner of my eyes.

TBS Rose Flower Eyes in Sunshine Gold


I just dab a little of MAC Eyeshadow Bright Side Gallery Gal in champagne at the outer crease of my eyes. The result is it makes the pink shade shimmery.

I am so sorry if I can't provide you the actual image of my eyeshadow. I just want to share what colors I wear for the BIG day of my friend.

Did I not tell you that I gone mad with make up? Look at what I use as my eyeliner. Haha!

MAC Fluid Line Eyeliner Gel in Rich Ground
I used this for my upper lash line (click for a larger view)

Who says brown are for browns and neutrals!? LOL!

Other products I used:


Foundation: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in Natural Beige
Powder: Maybelline Angelfit Ultra Natural Affinity Foundation in Natural Ochre
Blush: MAC Emanuel Ungaro Cream Colour Base in Crushed Bougainvillea
Highlighter: MAC Mineralized SkinFinish refined


Eyelashes: TBS Divide and Multiply Mascara
Eyeliner: Nichido Eye Pencil in White (for my lower lash line)


Lip liner: Fashion 21
Lipstick: TBS Roseflower Lips in Shade 01 Soft Pink
Lip gloss: TBS Hi- Shine Lip Treatment


Taking a pose before we go

Eyebags. Ewe! Don't want to edit my pictures with Photoshop though^_^

Sarah and me

Sarah and his boyfriend (while me saying "iblo-blog ko yan!"LOL!)

Ladies and gents!Introducing, for the first time in the history of blogger
This is GG, my Lucky charm (the boy I will marry sooner or later!)
singing "Here without you"..

We had fun even if some of our friends can't make it. Singing like crazy. Dancing. Making unstoppable jokes. And besides this is the only time I go out again with my friends since I've been staying in almost a week inside the house.

That's it. Hope you also have fun during your weekends. ^_^


GirL with GLasses ... said...

hi sis...

:) may i please know if the mac fluidline creases like crazy?


mitch said...

@ Tia, Thanks for asking. This is just the first time I purchase MAC fluid line and I am so amazed with the results. No. No. It doesn't creases nor smudge. very easy to apply even if you need to have a brush. long- lasting. highly- pigmented. Love it ^_^

twinsouls888 said...

nice mitch pa beauty lang ng pa beauty tau hehe, me rin I wear very mild make up for everyday look para naman makahinga skin at hindi masyadong pressure lol.

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