Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What's keeping me busy?

Thanks everyone for the comforting words to my last post. It really cheers me up and I appreciate every single word you said. Your advice and tips helps me make things right this time. Thanks ^_^

So what's keeping me busy and why the hell I've been MIA?

  • LQ makes me sad... can' t think of anything interesting to post here in blogspot. I've been crying for 3 days, can't sleep, asking myself what went wrong, trying to figure out things that can make US, the relationship works blah blah!

  • I've been attending one of the free courses of TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority). And that's the Japanese Language and Culture class. Why? because it's free and it's only 500 (or more) steps away from our house. So why not go and feed my brain. Other courses are about computers, food, etc. Besides, my class would be accumulating only 4 hours of my time during Monday, Wednesday and Friday while 6 hours during Saturdays so I still have time to do some stuffs like the next one.... <---- I got lot of stories to tell and some info to share :)

  • I'm busy fulfilling all of the requirements for my board exam in Midwifery. Some says it will be on October 15-16 (which is 2 days to go till my birthday). We all expect that Examination Day will be on November. Oh! Gwad! Typing BOARD EXAM makes my hands shiver. Seriously, I'm having second thoughts of taking it. Don't wanna meet my mean classmates again :( and what if I fail, ohhh I can hear them laughing. I'm losing my confidence with these girls.

  • While you're reading this, I'm here at Netopia Cyber Cafe (SM MOA) and just finished eating lunch. Currently alone since my BF is having a final interview. I'll be posting the pictures about the food tripping later.
I want to sleep somewhere comfortable. I think I need some rest. I'm not able to sleep last night. Argggh! I'm having a serious headache.

That's it for now. Bye everyone.

Have a nice rainy day.


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Anonymous said...

hi mitch... i am so curious about tesda learnings

how to inquire? i want to learn anything, maybe after my bar exam.

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