Friday, August 21, 2009

Update: Another Food post

Happy Holidays!!
No classes for today! Yay! Finally, I already have time to update my blog. Though I've been MIA for quite some time, I still make it a point to drop on each and every beauty bloggers and read their posts so I can catch up. But lazy me, can't even leave a comment and I'm sorry for that! Sometimes, I just don't want to talk but deep inside I love every single thing I've read. Argh! I'm so lame to post something in here because I'm still busy with my Japanese Class. Hmm. I'm having some difficulty in constructing sentences in Japanese so I still have to work it out. Good thing is I already know how to read and write Hiragana, Katakana, and a few Kanji. Whew!

Gawd! I miss shopping! I miss buying things that are not necessary *sigh*. Budget really sucks! I miss going to the mall. I miss the whiff of those limited edition beauty finds. I miss the big and sparkling banner saying we're on "SALE". I hope I won't miss POND's big sale. I really want their intensive eye cream :(

Well, anywayz, this is what I buy from my last visit at Mall of Asia (MOA).

Nintendo DSi Hard Case in Pink


I love chocolates ^_^

and this is what happened when I go with GG to pass his requirements for his work. Early in the morning we have to go to KFC Taft to meet someone. While waiting, we saw a group of guys came in. Guys. Yeah! That's what I thought. Except for one guy whose been holding a bouquet and hugging his cute and cuddly teddy bear. Wow! They are actually a group of gay or bisexual, 3 couples. It's not too obvious since they look a real guy, macho men! :) I don't have anything against gays. Maybe what happens to me is a culture shock! I never saw a gay couple kissing each others hands. ^_^ V

On that day, this is what we have for lunch. And guess where we ate.. French Baker, again! Haha! I really love their Grilled Chicken and Mango Salsa. I love love love how tender the chicken is that I want to eat it once again but unfortunately it's not available :( so I ordered (again!) Chicken Parmigiana.

Chicken Parmigiana PHP 165 (~USD 3.45)

Yes! I love chicken (in any different ways of cooking)
basta wag lang panis! Haha!


Grilled Veggie Sandwich PHP 148 (~USD 3.06)

Grilled vegetables in fresh baked ciabatta bread sided with honey
balsamic greens and our own potato chips

"I think GG got a little cholesterol-scare that he ordered this veggie sandwich this time.
GG gave me a slice and after 2 munch, ewe! I hate it!"

Beef Nacho Basket PHP 150 (~USD 3.10)

Corn nacho chips topped with beef, cheese sauce, and
fresh tomato salsa, served in a fried tortilla.

Mocha Shake

After several busy days, GG manage to invite me for dinner and have some little celebration. We rarely see each other this past few weeks, so I was looking forward t0 this dinner-date.

This time, we went to Mang Iking's in Cabuyao. Every weekends they have an acoustic band playing along while your eating. During Sundays, an open jam are held here. Any acoustic bands can play but there's no talent fee. Mang Iking's will only treat you for a free dinner. We had played here before.

L-R: Baked Tahong
Grilled Pork Ribs

We forgot the price..sorry :(

Pork Barrel PHP 195 (~USD 4.03)

French Fries PHP 80 (~USD 1.65)

Top: San Miguel LighPHP 32 for me
Bottom: Red Horse Beer PHP 32 for GG

That's it for tonight. 'Til tomorrow ^_^
Thanks for reading...


twinsouls888 said...

Wow Mitch gumana na continue reading widget mo sa wakas ^_^. Wala akong masabi sa post nato kundi "ang gaganda ng mga pix as in, nakakagutom". Tnx for droppin' by my blog hehe, sa wakas nanalo na rin me. Ikaw naman next wag ka worry ahaha. Actually medyo nawalan na me gana sumasali sa mga contest contest kc indi me nananalo and then bigla na lang eto hehe. It's your turn to win Mitch, wag kang huminto sa kakajoin ng contest, mananalo ka rin ^_^

Golden said...

Hi dearie. Thanks for the sweet comment.

Aww, I can't view the pics here on my end. Probably my Pc's bad?

By the way, I heard a lot of bad news regarding the Ponds Big Beauty Sale. A lot are complaining that Watson's shops are 'keeping' the Pond's items from the consumers. So don't be surprised if they tell you that the eye serum is out of stock. Sucks right?

I miss shopping too. I don't spend that much anymore since I already have Jamjam. ^_^

HT said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for your kind words. :)

I like that you guys have "Almonettes"!!! I would love to try them, haha. We only have "Raisinettes," which I don't like because I don't like raisins. :( haha

mitch said...

@twinsouls888, wiiii uu nga gumana na..hehe! thanks ems! Congratz ulet..sana nga ako naman!haha!

@Golden,hmm minsan kahit ako di ko maview mga pics ko..hehe! I will do my best mahanap lang un eye serum na un..gudluck naman sa akin!

@HT, you're welcome^_^ Hope you already made a decision (^_~)
Me too. I hate raisins. argh! Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

hey sweety how are you cute nintendo pahiram hehe joke;D :D the food made me drools sarap yumyum ;) . blogg roll is acting real di ko nakikita mo updates nyo :C ..

have a great weeken xoxo

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