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SOS: Beauty Product Queries

This is not the usual Q&A portion where I will answer all the queries of my readers. I'm not a pro so let me do the asking. I am so eager to learn new things particularly about beauty and cosmetics. That's why I'm so kulit asking every beauty bloggers here and there. If I'm not interrupting anything, you may answer my questions. Share your opinions. Let other beauty bloggers know what your point of view. You don't have to be a professional makeup guru to answer this questions. Just wanna hear your side of story. I'll be including my opinions as well. Thanks ^_^

1. What is/are your BEST makeup palette (mostly e/d) and why?

My requirements:
  • highly pigmented
  • not chalky
  • lasts long
  • doesn't fade easily
  • not scented
  • can be applied with wet brush
  • in good packaging even if I have to buy it online/no matter how long the distance is of the carrier
  • easy to apply

Some of the ladies prefer Coastal Scents, NARS and Sephora.How about you?

2. Would you prefer makeup palettes (mostly e/d) rather than individuals? Why or why not?

I do prefer makeup palettes on experimenting different kind of shades. I can play with any kind of colors that I like. I want to mix and blend and using a palettes can make my dream come true. While if I want to concentrate on my favorite color, I'll go with individual eyeshadows.

3. What's your HG eye primer?

Don't have any idea about this.. :(

4. Treatment for wrinkles or any under eye problems? What would you recommend?

My candidates are Ponds, Garnier, L'oreal and Olay. Other brands are also welcome. I don't know which one is effective or at least can improve my undereye problems.

I want to ask you first before I buy anything. I'm also reading so many reviews but still can't made up my mind :(

Thanks in advance for answering ^_^


~tHiAmErE~ said...

Im no pro either..but based on the limited products that i have tried:

1. What is/are your BEST makeup palette (mostly e/d) and why?
-i still prefer the 88 palette..why?
*highly pigmented - check
*not chalky - a little bit, but not like elf & often times, it just depends on the brush that you use..
*lasts long - it does especially with a good primer
*doesn't fade easily - again, the primer plays a major role..
not scented
*can be applied with wet brush - yep..foiling it makes a difference
*good packaging - well for the size of the palette...considering that it got 88 colors, i have to say that its great. nice selection of its sleek enough to fit in a traveling bag..

2. Would you prefer makeup palettes (mostly e/d) rather than individuals? Why or why not?
-it would really be nice to have a palette that really suits your needs..but often times palettes are 'fixed'.so if one blush/lip color doesn't suit you, then it would just take space...

if i ever see an all in one palette that suits me & its sleek like the channel multi-use palette, i might buy it!

but for now i'd just tote the stuff that suits me even if i have to have a separate bag for them.

*3. What's your HG eye primer?
-im currently using Urban Decay primer Potion..i don't have any problems with it aside from the fact that it gives my lids a 'rubbery' feeling..but aside from that it doesn't it would be my HG primer..for now...

*4. Treatment for wrinkles or any under eye problems? What would you recommend?
-i haven't tried lots of anti-aging products yet.. but im currently using Nivea Q10 eye cream..& i think its doing a good job..ill be making a post about it after im done testing it

that's long..hehe
hope i helped somehow!

Lola Lakely said...

I'm going to give you my two cents about #3 and #4. I buy all my skincare at Origins. They have this great tinted undereye cream called Youthtopia. It visibly de-ages, reduces puffiness and helps fragile eye skin to rebound from damaging stress. All of their creams are pretty amazing to be honest. I've turned a few friends on to Origins and they have never gone back. They have different lines. I use their Perfect World line because I have combination skin. I could talk about their skin care lines all day! If you have any questions about it, let me know!

miemiemie said...

hi sis, pwede magtanong? ano reviewer mo para sa midwifery boards? yung friend ko kasi RN pero gusto niya magtake ng boards for midwife..para RM din daw siya what din mga requirements? thank you. sis can you please respond sa blog ko? or sa email ko nalang thanks a lot!

Golden said...

Hi sis. I am still a newbie with makeup/cosmetic products so I still can't answer your questions. I too am still looking for great but affordable makeup products.

By the way sis, I nominated your blog for an award. Check it from here:

Lots of love,

Hana aka acutelife said...

hi, thanks for following :D im following you too! ^^
1. My fave n best makeup palette atm is the japanese palettes that I own, specifically the luvshuca :D im really lemming for the CS 88palette tho..
my req is simple: long lasting color, glittery, colors on skin as it looks on the palette,cute packaging :D

2.I do prefer makeup palettes,. For efficiency sakes :D

3. im in the hunt for a good eye primer too

4. currently using LUSH eye creme, but i believe most under eyes problems are due to improper sleeping hours and eating habit :D

Janessalynne said...

LOVE love love ur blog :D

Torie Jayne said...

Hi, Great blog! I love Stila and Paul & Jo. But i am a sucker for cute packaging!

Andhari said...

Gotta have make up palettes, I guess. But I have a few individual colors, the ones I wear most often :)

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