Sunday, August 16, 2009

TAG: 6 ThingsThat Can Make Me Happy

I've been tagged by these sweet ladies,
EMS and Manju,
who cheers me up when things got a little bit cloudy.
Thanks for being kind and for all those comforting words.

Alrighty, these what makes me smile ^_^

1. God

I admit that I'm not really close to him. I seldom go to church on Sundays. But I know in spite of my absence, He's always been there for me. When I feel that everyone's turning their back on me, He never fails to be my one and most loyal friend.

2. Family, GG and BFF

Of course, the people so dear to me makes me happy. (Who doesn't?) One of them is my family. Just to be with them makes me feel happier, though it doesn't show. And there comes my BF, just a glimpse of him makes me even more happier. Haha! Just thinking of him makes me smile. Hanging out with my girlfriends also put a smile on my face. ^_^

3. Games

I supah dupah love playing games. Just a few minutes of playing makes my troubled and uneasy mind go back to the once happy little naughty Mitch! No matter how hard that game can be. It's just the way I live my happy life. Hihi!

4. Music

Music plays a very important role in my life. It can make me sad or freakin mad but most of the times it makes me happy.. and it makes me dance like crazy. [Hmmm.. not these days. I can feel my body gaining weight making it hard to do all my Beyonce-moves. LOL!] But hell NO! Nothing's gonna stop me and enjoy the music I'm hearing. As of now, this is what I'm loving!

You may call me 'corny' but these girls are what I'm talking about:

From L to R: Kara, Wonder Girls and SNSD
I love their song, the beat and the music.

5. Simple Jokes

Yeah! Just as simple as that picture above makes me happy!

6. Sex.. I mean food!

LOL! I've been thinking about one of the essential needs of human and that's what came first in my mind. Sex and then food! Haha! But NO! What I really mean is food. Maybe that's the reason why I've been gaining weight lately. I can't stop myself eating when I am sad and blue. And eating makes me regain my lively face again.

Now, I'm tagging everyone who reads this.

Happy Monday to all of you. Thanks for dropping by!

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Jbreezybaby said...

awww i love games too!!! im into scary games like resident evil at silent hill haha. di ko alam kung baket. the eyeshadow I used is actually green... more like yellow green. awwwww... i know its hard. pero at least hindi ibang bansa diba? mahirap na iyun. ung eyeshadow na un i think exclusive lang sa MAC quad na yun (Tempting eye quad) Natyambahan ko lang nga iyun eh... wala naman kasi kaming MAC store dito sa lugar ko :( so yeah, u should do some EOTD/LOTD. hehe. ingat sis :)

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