Saturday, July 18, 2009

Unbeatable Tipid Picks 03: makeup @ Penshoppe

Hi Ladies! Join me again in my hunt for a cheaper makeup. Thus our mission should make you have a deceiving looks that you're wearing a sophisticated makeup.

Pink Wink by Penshoppe Eye Paints 8 in 1 Eyes Shadow Palette

Obviously, I got this makeup for a long time. It's too used up. LOL! The upper part which is empty was actually a white eyeshadow. I always used that shade as my base eyeshadow. I am too afraid before to experiment with my makeup looks since I have very mean classmates. I don't want to have discouraging comments at my first trial. Now that I'm not seeing those bitches again, I can try new looks already.

Penshoppe was admired not only with their clothing lines and perfumes but as well as cosmetics. They have eyeshadow palette like what I got, lipstick and lip gloss, cheek stain, mascara and eye liner. Everything for only ~PHP 70- PHP 200 (~USD 1.5-3).

Misty Blues

4-in-1 eye color
Penshoppe beauty

Create the perfect look with Penshoppe 4-in-1 eye color. It is a combination of four easy-to-blend colors designed to define and enhance your eyes. The light and smooth texture of each eyeshadow is long lasting and easy to apply. It can be used wet or dry. Comes with a sponge applicator.

I love it when I discover makeup with very affordable price and yet have lotsa colors to play with. This eyeshadow palettes can make my eyes pop in an instance.


  • very affordable
  • packaging is sooh cute
  • includes sponge applicator which is very convenient for retouch
  • comes very handy, fits your cosmetic bags
  • doesn't irritate my skin
  • not itchy
  • no sweet scents
  • so many shades to choose from
  • you can play with lotsa colors
  • love the colors, not too strong for day makeup looks


  • breaks easily
  • can be messy if you'll not take care of it
  • you'll need another sponge applicator for the other shades
  • a bit chalky
  • doesn't lasts long enough for me

  • Handle this baby with care
  • If you find some eyeshadow powder messing all over the packaging, get a cotton balls with alcohol then wipe it off.
  • Don't use the same sponge applicator for all the shades, if you don't want to mixed up all the colors.
  • I've learned from my experience that sponge applicator can make the colors more vibrant. Whenever I use an eyeshadow brush, the colors just falls off under my eyes, wasting it all. I don't know if it's me or the brush? Maybe I still gotta learn on how to use eyeshadow brush and maybe it's a sign to buy a superb eyeshadow brush set.
Don't wanna give this baby a final verdict yet. I want to try the other shades first before judging her. At least, you have an idea of what this babies can do for you.

'Till my next post.

Thanks for reading ^_^


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i was on the hunt before for a good eyeshadow when i passed by penshoppe & i saw their eyeshadow which is very affordable..

gusto ko nga bumili kaya lng mdami n ko eyeshadow e..
pero you can't beat their price,right?

twinsouls888 said...

wow nice, try ko Mitch sana meron sila pastel colors ^_^

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