Thursday, July 16, 2009

NEW haul from my Tita's in Canada

* Just a quick post*

This just came in. We just received another haul from our titas in Canada. Thanks ^_^

Here's what I got:

  • T-shirt in Laser Aqua
  • Stretch Microrib Scoop Tank in Teal from Mossimo
  • Leggings in Charcoal
  • A pair of pink shoes (Avia)
  • Ralph lauren Shoulder Bag
  • City Color Cosmetics Makeup Collection
  • Crunch Milk Chocolate (This is what left for me coz I hate chocolates with caramel)
Let's proceed with the Makeup Collection. I can't find info about this brand but it doesn't matter if this is popular or not. I'd just love the taught that it's makeup. ^_^

What's inside?

  • 4 different shades of lipstick
  • 4 eyeshadow palette
  • 1 lip gloss
  • 1 black mascara
  • 2 nail polish
  • 2 blush-on
  • 1 empty case for eyeshadows in Black
  • 4 eyeshadow sponge
  • 1 blush brush

When I got this makeup collection, I almost forgot what my titas gave to me last year. Here it is:

The Color Institute Nail Enhancement (10 different shades)

Makeup Set that I'm not using
Lippies, Blushes and Eyeshadow

40 Eyeshadow Palette and my fingers (looks like a horror movie!) LOL!

I can't use my old makeup set for it's too chalky and not pigmented. Maybe I'll give this one another chance. Don't wanna waste it!

Just a quick look for my new makeup set.

My new sweet lippies


w/o flash

w/ flash

  1. has a light reddish tone
  2. orange (I guess)
  3. highly pigmented red
  4. purple

Eyeshadow palette and an empty case for it

Goshes! Blushes!


  1. Bronze
  2. Pink

Lip gloss in Beige which I taught was a concealer

Mascara in Black

This is how the lip gloss and mascara looks like. You'll be the judge. What do you think?

The only thing that I taught maybe my biggest problem with this new makeup set is it's scent. It has a sweet-candy like scent which is not in the list of my requirements in choosing my makeup. But I'm still thankful for having this. At least my titas remember to have something for me.

GTG. My BF is already here. We're gonna celebrate our 5 years and 2 month-anniversary. Gotta get ready ^_^

I'm thinking of an FOTD maybe tomorrow if I'm in the mood. It's raining here. Hmmm... and it's cold! wooo! A good time for hugging-cuddledoo moment!

BYE! ^_^ Hope you'll have someone to hug to. I'll just be here, willing to give some TLC hugs!


gracie said...

ahhh yan pla yung sinasabi mong ipapadala mu sken.. thanks!!! wahahaha!!! nice!!!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

your tita is so thoughtful in sending those stuff!
its amazing!

lots of lovely colors to play with!

twinsouls888 said...

that's so nice mitch ^_^. Isa lang ibig sabihin nyan, pa contest ka na raw dami mo na gifts hehe (kidding) ^_^

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