Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Strange Dream

I have this crazy dream last night. Don't know what's wrong with me and why the hell I have a strange dream that I wish won't happen in real life. LOL! It goes like this. My boyfriend and I was watching TV in his house. Then comes the breaking news. Hayden Kho (who's very famous right now for his scandalous sex videos) had another sex videos spread all over the internet. As all Filipino knows, Hayden Kho had a sex video with Katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes and a Brazilian model. But this is a new one. I said, "They've been talking about that new sex video for over a month! There's more important news rather than this videos!". My boyfriend replied and said that I was right then go to the kitchen to get some drinks. Right after he leaves, the news program show a teaser of that video. The body was blurred and so the face of Hayden Kho except for the girl. Her innocent face was revealed. I don't know why a news program would show that immoral act. Well, it's only a dream. That's why! It's more of a music video than a sex video since the girl was singing and just kissing Hayden Kho. You can see that the girl was only singing and not doing that 'dirty act' BUT your brain tells you to think that it was a sex video. Then I said, "She looks familiar!"
My boyfriend which by that time was going back from the kitchen looks in the television. That's when I realized that the girl was me. It's too obvious that it was me. The single birthmark on my cheeks was the one that was exposed in the TV screen. Anyone who saw the video can say that it's really me. Whooa!! My boyfriend was so shocked and stunned when he saw that. I am so humiliated. I don't know how me and Hayden got a video. I am so terrified, even if my boyfriend was not mad at all.

Until I wake up, I still thought that me and Hayden have a sex video. Hahaha! It took me less than 3 minutes to realize that it was a dream.


I am not fantasizing Hayden Kho before I sleep. NEVER in my whole life would I do that! ^_^


gracie said...

wahaha! day ikaw aa' may lihim ka HD kay hayden amft! wuhahahaha!!!

I think over polluted na yung mind mo sa nakakaasiwang scandal na yan..

siguro at the back of your mind you're wondering ano naffeel ng mga victims ni hayden after what happened.

sbi sa psycho namin yun.. ang dream daw ay cause ng unconcious mind wahahah!

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

naughty girl!! but..i like it! hehehe~~ ^_^

twinsouls888 said...

di kaya mitch may past life relationship kayo ni Hayden? Ibang panahon? Sa past life nyo? ahaha ^_^.

mitch said...

Nakakatuwa nmn mga comments ninyo.

@gracie, nyaks! c Katrina Halili nga pinagnanasaan ko,eh!wahehehe! jowk! hmm...cguro nga over polluted na utak ko, paulit ulit na lang kasi sila ang news..hehe!

@Elimus Chuang, ^_^Thanks for dropping by.

@twinsouls888, nakow! past is past..LOL!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

lol at your dream

tama ata si gracie!

natawa ko dun a...

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