Friday, July 17, 2009

TAG ++ Award

Sorry Gracie for taking so long to answer this tag. So I have to say 10 random things about me. Hmmmm? Now that's a really difficult one.


1. I was bullied for being small and having a birthmark on my cheeks.

As I was in grade school until high school, I always hear them scream while I'm passing thru the hallway "pandak!" or even "nunal/taleng!". Seriously, I'm only 4' 11" tall (or rather small ^_^ LOL!). I have to wear high heels just to make me look taller even a little cm. I'm finding it hard to find a job since some of them requires at least 5' 2" in height. I even changed my height in my resume and wear high heels. I taught I'm being smart. Well, not good enough! The manager didn't believe that I was 5' 2", maybe it's too obvious that I'm much smaller :). Unsatisfied, he demand to take off my shoes. I can't believe there was a height measurement in his office and BINGO! I was fired before I got hired. LOL!

You may also wonder what's my shoe size. I can only wear size 4 -5 shoes, even shoes for kiddies can still fits my mini miny feet ;) But don't worry, I'm a big girl now. I can handle those criticisms. Besides, I treated it as a compliment. I never look old even if I'm in my early adulthood.

2. I'm a certified TALENTADONG PINOY.

No!I do not swallow fire and absolutely not a tightrope walker! I can sing and dance. I know how to act a little. In Grade 3, I won 1st place in a singing contest held in our school Christmas party. That's the first and last time I won a singing competion. :) I also love joining mini plays and theater when I was in my teenage years. I'd participated cheer leading competitions, folk dance contest and choral competitions. I'm also taking part in my bf's band. We do join battle of the bands (kahit na alam namin na luto na!). Sometimes we go home winning second place, but most of the time we lose, our money and our dignity. LOL! We've been also hired to play at weddings and debut. But that was a long time ago when our lead guitarist was still alive. Until now we're searching for a new guitarist. Seems like it's not too easy to find one that you can work well with.

3. I believe a kiss can make you pregnant until I've reached my 1st year in college.

That was a shocking revelation. Believe it or not. I almost dropped my jaw when my bestfriend told me that a kiss can never make you pregnant. Maybe you're thinking that I'm not paying attention with my science class. Of course not. I know every single part of my body, what it is called, how it works, but how to make love? I don't have any idea. Maybe grade school teacher should not name our vagina with a flower and a penis as a bird. I got confused with that. It's my mother's fault too. She told me not to kiss any guy coz it would make me pregnant. But I've been a bad girl. Everytime I kiss my bf, and then missed a period, I taught I was pregnant. The next thing I'll do, go to my friends cry for being terrified that I was pregnant (but they did not know that it was only a kiss).


I love:

  • pasta dish
  • ice cream
  • pizza
  • chesse burger
  • frappe
Just bring me these and we will be friends like forever. LOL!

I hate:

  • garlic/fried rice
  • chocolates with caramel
  • salty foods
  • Cherry

5. I used to be an unfaithful girlfriend.

I am never satisfied with one guy. I call it breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have one guy in each meal. My motto is: It's A-OK to cheat. Just be sure you won't get caught. LOL! I'm collecting BFs but not doing that thing (you know what I mean). I still believe that you have to give it to someone you really love and want to be with FOREVER! Until I met GG, my knight in shining armor who rescued me from my devilish act. We've been 5 years now and I've changed. I am so in love with him that I won't allow myself to do something that would hurt him! Oh! C'mon! I really do change. Ask him and you'll see.

As the saying goes: "Galit ang cheater sa kapwa cheater!" Though I've been a very bad girl, that doesn't makes me like boys with the same attitude. I hate them when they cheat esp when the reason is, "kasi lalake ako,eh!". WTF!

6. Forgive and forget?

Call me anything you like but once you did something insanely mad at me, I'll never forget that. I'll put you in my list and do something revengeful. No! I'm not gonna kill you. I'll do worst! Well, maybe that's also a part of me being supah NAUGHTY!

7. My mom won't allow me to play with my toys when I was just a kid.

My father works abroad and whenever he goes back here in the Philippines, I'll always have a new toy. One time, my dad bought me a doll house. I often play with it. My mom always locked it up in my closet so it would still looks brand new even if I grew up. But when my baby brother had been born in this world, he just pull out the parts, throw it all over the house, bite it and do whatever he wants with my toys. When he grew up, I always remind him of what he did with my precious doll house. If mom let me play with it, maybe I enjoyed the thrill of having a doll house. LOL!

Besides, I only have few girly toys. My father always want a boy and when he got me, I don't know maybe he got confused. He bought me gun toys with a sound while you pull the trigger and a skateboard which I never learned to use. He bought me a skateboard but he never wants me to play with it outside. He's too afraid that I can break my bones. Do you know how I'd play with my skateboard? I sit into it then row it with my hands.

8. I only have few friends...

and I barely enjoyed my college years at PNC. Most of my classmates are so mean. Some of them are sending me text messages saying I am such a *itch, na nagmamagaling daw ako, mayabang, etc. but they won't introduce themselves and whenever they did mean things again, I just call my BF and cry. I can't even imagine a grown- up girl will do such thing. The only reason that I know why they're doing that is because I'm active in academic and extracuricular activities in school so the attention's on me, pero never ko namang ipinagyabang un, and I don't even like to have everyone's attention. I'm much more happy being nothing!

Hindi naman talaga ako masyadong matalino. Masipag lang talaga akong mag-aral. Kaya pag nakakataas ako kesa sa kanila akala na nila siguro nagmamagaling na ako :(

For that reason I'd like to study again so I can enjoy my college life and have someone I can call a true friend.

If you have a priceless collection, of course you want each and every single item to be the best. That's why, I only have few friends coz I only collect the most valuable and worthy for my TLC. I'll put to garbage those ridiculous girls who has nothing to do but backstabbing, not being true to themselves, who are easily swayed by other’s opinion, who can’t even stand up for what they believe in.

9. I love video games.

I can play the whole day without eating or drinking and just playing games. My addiction got worst after I graduated. I never even touched my books. (Hey! Board exam is in November! You should start studying!) I'm currently playing Plants vs Zombies and reaching 120+ flags at survival mode. (Adik talaga! Hehe!). I'd stopped playing Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia in Nintendo DSi. This game makes my ass go mad! It's just so hard. I will take a rest and play this game again. So I switched in playing Castlevania: Portrait of Ruins. This game was so cool.

10. Last but absolutely not least... I am so in love with my boyfriend.

I never taught God would give me such a blessing. That's why I call him GG a.k.a God's gift. I almost give up for finding Mr. Right and when I met him, I knew that it was him! I feel like I knew him for a long time. Just seeing him makes me smile. We dated each other for only 2 days. The next day we're officially the GG's. Now we're 5 years and 2 months. BTW, the other meaning of GG is gunggong. That's our term of endearment. "gunggong!" Sweet ^_^

Do you believe in reincarnation? We always taught that we are destined for each other. I promised that even in my next next next life, no matter what it takes, I'll remember him, search for him, and love him again. I'll never stop loving him. He's the greatest guy I met. Faithful, which you can hardly find these days, caring, thoughtful, God- fearing and he's super nice. He's not a troublemaker unlike me. I love everything about him, even his weakness and fail flaws. I would definitely say "YES!" when he already proposed to me.


Here are some awards given by lovely Gracie:

I almost forgot to say thanks to Gracie. I really hope everything's fine with you and your BF. And your MAC? Hmmm... Don't worry, girl! I'll give you something you deserve if I'm already financially stable. ^_^ Thanks again!

Now I'm tagging all my followers and YOU. Yes! YOU! Everyone whose reading this. Just leave me a message that you'll do this. I think this is a cool and fun way to get to know each other so I do hope you also answer this tag. Thank you for visiting.


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i feel awful for you for meeting that jerk manager who judge you because of your height

men like him should be damned to hell!

i love video games too..
hindi nga ko natutulog para lang matapos ang isang game ang trip ko e..

i was unfaithful before too..
but now im already a one man!

its nice to be able to know you better,hun!

gracie said...

day parehas tau.. lalakero din ako dati kya mejo nikakarma ako eh... wahahahah!! yung bf ko lang ngaun nkapag patino sken eh.. wahahahha!!!

miss wiggle said...

Very honest post Mitch~ I can't believe you were teased! You are such a cutie! :)

Manju said...

Yay!Another sailor moon fan!high-five! :D ahhh good old times...
Thanks for following me. i just followed you,i like your blog!
Ugghh, there were such mean girls in your college! seems like they were just terribly jealous of u. Don't let anyone bring you down girlie!
you and your bf look really cute together :)
I already did this tag, it's a fun one! have a great weekend!

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