Saturday, March 21, 2009

A poem from Lucky

I've been browsing my things the other day, and look what I got...

I almost forgot lucky gave me this sweet-thoughtful-short poem, though this is not his handwriting. I always make a compilation of my favorite poems, composed by me or given by my friends and specially my Lucky charm.

Written by: Lucky, July 24, 2006

Here it goes:

Through rain or shine
with the crowd she stands,
There she is... my number one fan.

Her love will inspire you.
She will bring out the best of you.
As she cheers with the audience,
one look at her and she will clear the tense.
With her voice shouting your name,God's gift,
you will have no mistake during the game.
As you get down from the stage,
praises are heard from her heart to your ear.

No matter if you win or lose,
she will always be there,
my greatest number one and only fan.

--------------- ^_^ ---------------

Ahhh! Reminiscing those days! I can feel my heart go thug-thug..thug-thug! Lol!

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