Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Adventures of Lucky and Mitch: Uncovered

It was really fun and quite awesome to have an ultimate bonding experience with the one you REALLY love, that is not just your boyfriend or husband but also happens to be your best bestfriend. Fun because of our kulitan moment: He was talking like he was not my boyfriend and I was talking like I am not his girlfriend(haha!not making any sense?). What I mean is joking around, he can say whatever he likes without ME bugging HIM, telling stories that gf-must-not-know, can dropped your jaw and would make you the impression: "Is that my boyfriend talking?", which do not really bother me. After all anything... everything about him is a very important spice of this relationship. Oooops! Too much blabbing.

Anyway, going back to my main purpose. I just want to share to you one of the greatest adventure of the exceptional couple in the world: And that is tadah! Food tripping. We really love to eat. Maybe that's the reason why we've been gaining weight. Lol. This is the first time I write about us exceptionals about our food tripping. I got a lot of pictures doing that very moment of us but as a result of my obliviousness, it's been gone. No more pictures ;(

After a few busy weeks, we got the chance to step out of my Lucky charm's house. He bought something via internet (from a TPC member) and would meet up at Pavillion Mall Biñan, Laguna (Thanks to you, man!). Everytime we go there, Lucky would always tell me to eat at Iceberg. He said that I would really love the foods there but I always say NO coz I taught he's wrong. But this time since he's too convincing, I give it a shot. And hell yeah! He's right! He's so- sooohh right!!! ^_^

Iceberg @ Pavillion Mall Biñan, Laguna

I've been impatient so I already took a bite of my favorite chowchow. LOL.

Cheesy Beef Lasagna Php 148 (~USD 3.07)

Lasagna pasta rolls with cheesy meet sauce. I just love the cheese! I've eaten the part with most cheese on top!^_^

Mexican Tacos 2 pcs. Php 98 (~USD 2.03)

A favorite Mexican dish with ground beef, lettuce, cheese, onions and tomatoes. My Lucky charm's order.

Blended Ice Tea and Kahlua Double Espresso Fantasy
Php 38 (~USD 0.79) / Php 135 (~USD 2.80)

Kahlua Double Espresso Fantasy was made with 2 scoops of coffee ice crea, Kahlua infused chocolate syrup, chocolate coffee chips, whipped cream dusted with Belgian chocolate powder with a cherry on top. Hmmmm. yumyum! ^_^

While the Blended Ice Tea according to Jayson, one of the crew there, is a Lipton Ice tea with Calamansi and mango concentrated. Ahmmm???

Hehe! That's me trying to eat the cherry on top of my Kahlua Double Espresso Fantasy. Isn't it obvious that I don't like cherry.

Summing-up: The store needs more space. When we got there, it was too occupied and some waited outside. We're just lucky to have a space. The crew is not so friendly. Doesn't smile as I expected. Poor presentation of the food. Some of the food is over- priced and yet tastes just nothing special which you can buy anywhere else with a lower price and much more yummy!!(Am I being rude?) Although the foods above really tastes good. Well, on my opinion. But I know there's still something out there that is much more better than this. But trust me the Kahlua Double Espresso Fantasy is worth- trying for ^_^

Wheew! Until now my stomach is still full and I can still feel the taste of the Espresso fantasy. Hmm! Can't wait to have another fun time again. yay!

That's it for today. 'Till the next adventure of Mitch and Lucky: the exceptionals! LOL ^_^

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