Saturday, February 21, 2009

If you would leave me

1. I would never make friends to anyone again

For you're my only one best friend that I know won't talk behind my back, won't use me and most of all you're the only one I can trust, I can talk with my problems and deepest insecurities, I can cry without hesitations that you'll reject me.

2. I will be the same not- so- good- girl (but not - a- bad- person)
I will be a bitch. I won't be good to anyone again for you're the only one person who always remind me that I'm not the villain as I always taught about myself, that there's still some piece of me left with good and warm heart.

3.I don't know if I can concentrate with my studies or work as a professional
Because you always giving me hope, confidence and faith that I can do it. So now, "I can't!"

4. I won't trust anyone anymore
Although it's hard to believe but I trusted you with all my heart and now you broke your own promise

5. I would be as cold as dead
I would not live nor exist in this world.

6. I will miss you
- Your laugh even in my corniest jokes, our never ending stories, no dead air moment, our sweet- nothings, you saying 'I love you' with those endearing eyes, your tightest hug and most passionate kiss


So D-O-N-T


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